Software Prototyping
Beginning your software Project: Discovery and Prototyping

The Foundation of Successful Development Is Software Discovery

Start your Custom Software Idea right with clear, Aligned Goals and Strategies.

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ICodeDigita's Discovery Process

Before we write a single line of code, our engineers and business analysts work with your team to identify goals, create requirements, outline technical specifications, and build prototypes of the finished product. That way, we can begin development with the confidence that everyone is on the same page, set up for success in bringing your vision to life.

The discovery process allows us not only to align on goals, but also to create educated, accurate cost estimates and RFP responses, beginning the project with the car and transparency we value at every phase of our relationships with our clients.

Identify Goals

First, we work with your leadership team to understand exactly what your new software needs to accomplish, who will be using it, and how those users can best interact with the system. At this time, we also gather and study any relevant materials or documents relating to the project.

Analyze Solutions

While every ICodeDigita software solution is built with the individual client’s unique needs in mind, we bring a deep and broad perspective of what strategies have worked well for similar end users with similar goals — and, just as importantly, which ones haven’t worked.

Prototype & Feedback

Next, we use all this information we've gathered to create a visualization that starts to bring the software solution and its user experience to life for your team also by improving the collected feedback and iterate as needed to ensure vision.

Create An Extensive Project Roadmap

Once we've nailed down the target result, its requirements, and its technical specifications, we create the workable action plan that shows clients what we plan to achieve at every phase of the project.

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