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Bringing challenges in developing business applications and operational software is what we thrive on. Our portfolio showcases our expertise, including creating a Learning Management System for ABA ROLI, a cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Platform for Abid Brothers and Contractors Pvt. Ltd., a cloud-based portal and mobile app for Lawyher.pk, and numerous innovative systems.

Bespoke Business Application Development

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At ICodeDigita, we offer custom business application solutions to enhance customer service, boost efficiency, streamline processes, and drive sales - both through improved customer experience and operational effectiveness. Our approach involves working closely with you to comprehend your business needs and challenges, followed by proposing the best software development approach for your unique requirements. Expect intelligent, cost-effective, and user-friendly applications from us.

Who Will Own the App?

We delight in delivering business apps that our customers are thrilled with. We don’t want to taint that experience with licensing or development issues further down the line. That’s why when we develop an app for you, you don’t need to worry:

  • Once your app is completed, Intellectual Property (IP) Rights are fully transferred to you; there are no license fees to use software we develop for you
  • We do not embed proprietary technology or plug-ins to develop your app. This ensures that everything we do can be maintained in the long-term, as well as being something any Microsoft-trained developer can work on without specific proprietary knowledge.

After Your Business Application is Live…

We’re not in the habit of delivering business apps and then leaving our customers behind. We take pride in what we’ve delivered and want you to get the best out of it, that’s why we:

  • provide an optional ongoing support service, including an agreed service level agreement (SLA) and access to our in-house developers via our helpdesk
  • host your new web-based or mobile app if you’d like us to. As an accredited Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we primarily work with Microsoft Azure but can also support your AWS infrastructure if preferred.

Bespoke Software Development Process at ICodeDigita:

We combine the very best technical platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core and single page apps, accelerated with our Rapid Application Development methodology to deliver software quickly.
We will demonstrate your app as we go until it is released and in operation, using our established Agile Software Development Methodology. By giving you access to the app along the way, you’ll be able to ‘play’ with it and flag any design or functionality that isn’t quite right; we appreciate it’s nearly impossible to do this if you’re simply asked to visualise functionality before the finished app is delivered.