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About this project

An initiative took to outshow the amazing contribution of the Female lawyers in Pakistan and celebrate their work with the community we were approached to design a centralized and efficient solution for them.

Client: Women In Law

Date: 2020

Industry: Non Profit

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Problem Identified

The legal profession in Pakistan is predominantly male with women making up less than 5.5% of the members of senior judiciary with no women ever having been appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan or as Attorney-General for Pakistan. They also lack any real representation in the Bar Councils with only six members being women out of a total of 198 members from the seven bar councils, including the Pakistan Bar Council. The number of female advocates in senior level positions or as heads of law firms also remains negligible. With the growing trend of women getting representation in all fields of work, their representation in Law is necessary. This project is therefore, aimed at increasing women’s representation in law.

Final solution

Our team conducted a thorough desk research on existing portals emphasizing women representation in Law and other fields, but it was shocking for us to come to know that there is absolutely nothing available which shows the involvement of women in law in Pakistan (not at any website; nor any mobile application in Android and IOS). The scope of our research was limited to Pakistan and we used cutting edge technology and latest tools of search engine to identify a consolidated application.