#1 Bespoke Software Company

By employing agile software development, we can guarantee a flexible strategy for planning, consistent improvements through a regularly refreshed prototype, consistent status reports, and a rapid response to any sudden changes - such as feedback from you that a particular feature is not working as expected. This allows us to remain on schedule and within budget while delivering your project.

Project management practices

We employ Agile (Scrum), a process framework that has been used to manage complex product development. Our teams can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.Our project management practices cover the development of customised software, designed meticulously from the ground up, requiring a blend of consistent, proven structure with project specific creativity.

We follow clear principles of quality software development and use common milestones as a basis for our software development processes. To ensure we get real world feedback as early as possible, we’ll split your project into a number of sub-projects so that you can “go live” in stages.

Keeping your project on schedule

Delivering software on time starts with a well-defined and realistic schedule. To ensure we’re on track we:

  • set small, frequent milestones and deliverables so that we have regular, measurable updates on project status and can correct small slips quickly
  • schedule the “big rocks first”, and aim to get the most important and potentially most risky features completed early in the project
  • track progress diligently on a daily basis over a project extranet, and on a weekly basis in status meetings, so that both you and our team are in tune with the schedule

Concise documentation

The key to keeping everyone in the loop and making sure the product is something stakeholders will actually buy into is keeping accurate documentation. This doesn’t mean a ton of technical documentation for you to wade through and digest, rather an evolving feature backlog and visual prototype that can change with your feedback or market demands.Your documentation is kept up to date and made available to you through our secure project extranet.