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Advanced technologies have made it easier for companies to work together, and the customer portal is a prime example. These portals are becoming more common in companies that serve multiple clients, as they offer secure, around-the-clock access to collaboration tools through an internet connection.

What is Customer Portal Software?

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A customer portal is a web-based tool that enables you to interact and share information with your customers securely. It is also known as an extranet, which allows sharing of information with external parties, or intranet, which is used for internal communication among employees. The portal allows you to collaborate with your clients and provide them with access to records, schedules, documents, and other private information such as invoices. It is easy to use, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and it provides a secure platform for communication and data sharing.

What are the benefits of Customer Portal Software?

A customer portal allows customers to easily access the information they need, including answers to their questions, and whatever information a business wants to share. This benefit for customers is the convenience of having access to the information they need whenever they need it. On the other hand, the business benefits from reduced customer inquiries, freeing up customer service and sales staff time, as well as improved customer satisfaction which leads to better customer retention.

  • store, edit and share documents and files
  • download or preview files or data records
  • manage your key meetings and events via an events calendar
  • assign tasks, set due dates and update your progress – useful for keeping projects on schedule
  • send automatic email notifications when there are updates
  • provide secure client messaging
  • establish a searchable database of knowledge

As an example, we’ve created customer portals that:

  • allow participants to enter diabetes meter readings online
  • provide an area where customers can gain access to reports and manage participant information easily
  • provide detailed management reporting, including all of a customer’s orders over a given period with a detailed breakdown of costs

We can also easily build a feed from or closely integrate your CRM or ERP into your web applications, so that your sales people can use any downtime to easily get customer updates ‘on the go’.

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