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Victim Service Directory

About this project

Pakistan's First Digitalized Service Directory with updated details for the service providers and organizations working for the betterment of the Pakistan public.

Client: Group Development Pakistan

Date: 2020

Industry: Non Profit

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Problem Identified

CSA and violence against women are a global issue which not only impacts an individual or a family but society as a whole. Unfortunately, in this modern era with state-of-the-art technology and robust systems in place, state and non-state actors have still not been able to completely curb violence and abuse. The predators and abusers are always on the hunt and reported cases in Pakistan have significantly increased. As per Sahil’s report Cruel Numbers 2018, more than 10 children and abused on a daily basis and in most of the reported cases the victims are connected and already knew the perpetrators. On one hand Pakistan’s policy makers and legislators have been able to recently enact Zainab Alert Bill but capacity of the law enforcement agencies is unfortunately not up to par to enforce the laws that protect women and children. As a result, abuse is prevalent in our society and victims are more vulnerable because the rehabilitation and reintegration mechanisms at state and societal level are not yielding any substantial results.

Final solution

Our team conducted a thorough desk research on existing online victim service directory, but it was shocking for us to come to know that there is absolutely no victim service directory available online (not at any website; nor any mobile application in Android and IOS). The scope of our research was limited to Pakistan and we used cutting edge technology and latest tools of search engine to identify a consolidated online victim directory. We did come across a few civil society organizations (for e.g. Rozan) and a few provincial governments led helplines (Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Punjab (CPWB) providing different services to victims but no such consolidated directory exists online.