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Technology updates and upgrades, along with changes to your business, can mean that your software application doesn’t work as well for your business as it once used to. For this reason, it’s important that your software is maintained and supported so that your users continue to gain the maximum benefits from its functionality.

When is Data Migration necessary?

There are lots of reasons why the need for data migration can arise, whether:

  • You need to migrate data from your legacy system to the new system during modernisation.
  • You require synchronisation of data between the old and new system for a seamless system rollout.
  • You want to integrate data from an older business application into a new one.
  • Your company has acquired a subsidiary or merged and you need data consolidation from multiple systems.
  • Your IT platforms are moving to the cloud to increase scalability, which requires data and application migration.
  • You are moving data from an existing server to a new or existing storage system or consolidating it centrally.

Data Migration Strategy

We understand the significance of a robust data migration strategy when considering the adoption of a new system. No business wants to face the risk of extensive downtime, disruption, or worst-case scenario, data loss.

You can trust ICodeDigita to handle your complex data migration with confidence, as we have over 20 years of experience in successfully navigating these scenarios.

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Our data migration service ensures moving your data is efficient and successful, without impacting your business

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