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An operational system is the core of your business. It should allow your staff, customers, suppliers, and partners to access the system and interact with only the relevant data for them. If your current systems only cover some areas, or you have to manually handle some tasks, it can be time-consuming and costly. An automated solution can help you save time, effort, and money.

Reasons to consider a new Operational System

Some of the most common reasons why you might consider a new operational system or system integration include:

  • Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and/or fragmented systems no longer meet business needs;
  • An existing legacy system is clunky and uses old technology that doesn’t interface with other systems, is difficult to maintain, or the workflow no longer compliments business processes;
  • A company merger or acquisition means different systems are being used;
  • Manual workflows are a cause of error or resources that are no longer sustainable as your organisation grows;
  • Departments are repeating each other’s work in different systems or ledgers.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider the best option for your organisation, such as legacy software modernisation, systems integration or a replacement operational system.

Your operational system is the cornerstone of your strategy, efficiency, intellectual property and competitive advantage.

We can also easily build a feed from or closely integrate your CRM or ERP into your web applications, so that your sales people can use any downtime to easily get customer updates ‘on the go’.

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Operational System Implementation Process

Operational systems are focused on automating business processes, regardless of their complexity or the various stages and outcomes involved. To this end, we start by analyzing your current systems and business processes, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any gaps in functionality or temporary solutions in place.

We also take the time to understand your business goals and direction, and gather feedback from your staff, as they often have valuable insights on how to improve workflow efficiency. We also provide our own recommendations.

In our analysis, we consider all aspects of the operational system, including data management, security, and workflow. We then create a blueprint for a new system, incorporating any necessary functionality from your previous systems or manual processes, and adding new functionality such as management reporting that can be accessed through a secure customer portal.

We have experience in managing complex data migration scenarios, so we will ensure a smooth transition of data from your legacy systems to the new system. In some cases, data needs to be synchronized between the old and new systems to ensure a smooth rollout. We’re well versed in managing complex data migration scenarios, so you can rely on us to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Finally, we document all our findings and create a prototype of the new system to give you a visual representation of how it will look, feel and function, even at this early stage of design.

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