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At ICodeDigita, we recognize that the business obstacles faced by start-ups differ from those of established companies. Starting a new business or venture can be uncertain, and our experienced team of product developers and consultants understand this. Sometimes it's necessary to try things out before fully committing to a project. From preliminary planning to launch and delivery, ICodeDigita's specialists make sure that client needs are being meticulously fulfilled every step of the way.

Start-up Software Development

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We have created bespoke software for new ventures and start-ups since 1994. Clients have experienced success with mobile apps and desktop products, to SaaS platforms and White Labelled products. We can provide clients with long-term subscription-based revenue through:

  • Creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to prove that a commercial and technical model will work. Once the market has been tested ICodeDigita then move on to the next phase of complete feature development.
  • Leveraging any work already completed by taking a simple test version of the software produced and turning it into a solid, reliable product.

Working with ICodeDigita on a New Venture or Start-up

We incorporate the Agile approach into our developments for all clients, including new ventures and start-ups. This means all clients get complete visibility of the project’s progress and timescales.
At ICodeDigita, we pride ourselves on delivering software with the following benefits as standard:

  • Automatic discounts. As an entrepreneurial organisation supporting new ventures, we automatically apply discounts on our daily rates for new start-ups on their projects.
  • Speed to delivery. We can quickly and efficiently conceptualise, design and build a finished application.
  • We offer to fully integrate client software with other applications or with the hardware of their choice.
  • Fully hosted service. We can host using public cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. ICodeDigita is an accredited Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.
  • Support and maintenance. Our in-house UK helpdesk will provide the option of ongoing support in line with agreed SLAs, or a 1-year break-fix warranty.
  • Full training and documentation. Although rarely needed due to the intuitive design of our applications, we offer complete training – on site or in our UK and mainland European delivery centres.
  • Complete Intellectual Property (IP) ownership. Our clients will always own the IP rights to the finished product, which means they are not tied in to any licensing contracts.

ICodeDigita Development for Start-ups

The key to delivering successful solutions for our clients at ICodeDigita is our ability to genuinely comprehend the needs and requirements behind a project. We take the time to uncover all the important features and design elements for the end users, and collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that these are incorporated in the most effective way possible.